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  • product code: The term "purple pearlescent pigments" may be used for a special type of pearlescent pigments that are generally used to create bright, sparkling and flashy color effects. These pigments are usually produced by applying special coatings on mineral mica layers and provide a special shine and color change when exposed to light. The properties of janjan pearlescent pigments may be: Spectacular Shine: Gentle pearl pigments provide a distinctive shine and sparkle, especially when exposed to light. This adds depth and dynamism to the products. Color Change: These are pigments that show changes in color tone depending on the angle of light. This can be used to achieve various color effects on products. Various Color Options: Gentle pearl pigments often offer different color tones and effect options, providing diversity in terms of design. Cosmetics and Paint Industry: These types of pigments are used especially in cosmetic products, automotive paints, decorative wall coverings and other luxury products. Durability: They generally have a durable and stable structure, which helps the products maintain their long-term shine and impressive appearance. Gentle pearlescent pigments are used to increase the aesthetic value, especially in luxurious and eye-catching products. Used in cosmetics, automotive, decoration and other industries, these pigments can give products a special and attractive appearance.