Kılıçoğlu Chemicals Construction Tourism Food Cleaners Industry Domestic and Foreign Trade Ltd. Co. Sti. Since 2006, has pioneered the sale of paint raw materials. We produce foodstuffs in our warehouse in Istanbul Atasehir. We produce color mix, pigment formation, food coloring and many other raw material dyes.

Our main products;

- Organic Pigments

- Inorganic Pigments

- Pigments

- Food Coatings

- Dyestuffs

Where are the paint applications applied? Where to use ? Paint Usage Areas;

For Coatings:

Automotive Paints Decorative Paint Industrial Paints Coil Paint For Plastics:


Polymer processing industry: Conventional plastics, Engineering plastics, transparent plastics, fibers

PVC processing industry: Hard and soft PVC

Rubber industry: Rubber, elastomer rubber

Special Applications:

Personal care products: Liquid and solid soap, shower gel, shampoo

Household products: Detergents, softeners, dishwashing detergent, all kinds of cleaners

Aluminium foil

Metallized film

Leather industry

Faux Leather

Liquid fuel

Petroleum products

Varnish Wood and Furniture

Varnishes food