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Kılıçoğlu Boya; Established in 1999, we provide coloring pigments and chemical raw materials to various industries.

Kılıçoğlu Boya imports pigments, dyestuffs and plastic additives from countries such as China, India, Germany, Indonesia, South Korea and Taiwan. With these products, we serve many industrial sectors such as plastic, paint, ink, textile, candle, cosmetics, construction chemicals, engine oils, antifreeze, glass water, cleaning colorants, wood preservatives and varnishes.

We closely follow the innovations in the sector and share these innovations with our customers.

For Kılıçoğlu Boya, continuity in quality is our first priority.

For this reason, all the manufacturers we import have ISO quality certificates. With our young and dynamic staff, sales conditions and after-sales technical support, we gain customer satisfaction and increase our market share day by day.

We continue to sell products such as Organic Pigments, Inorganic Pigments, Pearlescent Pigments, Fluorescent Pigments, Phosphors, Gilding, Optical Whiteners with unchanging quality and confidence for years.

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It provides reference to Companies by supplying High Quality Materials.

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They exist as mineral pigments, organic pigments and metallic pigments. “Natural” pigments are natural earth pigments, such as ochres, and only undergo calcination and/or mixing processes. “Synthetic” pigments are obtained by thermal and/or chemical reaction between several materials. Organic pigments are colorants derived from carbon-based compounds. They are widely used to provide vibrant and stable colors in various industries such as paint, ink, plastics, textiles and cosmetics.


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